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Standard solutions for the cash supply and collection

Cash Logistik Security AG (CLAG) was founded in 1998 by a group of medium-sized security services companies.

Today, we as service providers within the  cash  and valuables market implement processing tasks from cash to deposit money for our customers from trade and economy as well as banks and institutions – throughout Germany. We thereby focus on sophisticated and non-price driven solutions for the complex cash supply and cash collection processes for financial institutions as well as commercial customers from the cash till to the target account and vice versa.

The German Central Bank  decision to significantly decrease its former own quota in cash recycling, to focus on its function as a wholesale bank and to further downsize its branch network, changed the present cash handling system in Germany. Thus, cash recycling will increasingly pass to private company. The distribution of cash, however, may only be effected by companies which have either been licensed by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) or in cooperation with a bank.

By specializing in this area at an early stage and due to our cooperation with DZ BANK AG, we now are amongst very few companies in the German market which process monetary transactions according to banking standards as well as the corresponding secured processes. Our customers include large retail chain stores, small and large retail businesses, banks and institutions.

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Christian Fischer

Christian Fischer
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ISO Zertifiziert

Cash Logistik Security AG is certified acc. to. 9001:2015 for services relating to order and cash management (e.g. cah-in-transit, cash processing, payment transactions) as well as smart safe solutions and technical services for retail customers and financial institutions.