Cash processing

Cash processing

As efficiency and level of performance of three experts are combined, our cash processing guarantees smooth business operations:

The highest safety requirements apply for every step of the process within cash processing; they have to be adhered to as from collection of funds: DZ BANK AG assumes the liability as early as from issuance of receipt. You as company or customer have no more transport risk. You are free to decide on the collection frequency.

For the cash processing of banknotes and coins we use the state-of-the-art cash centers of the CIT companies within our group. This is where sealed secure storage units which have been collected from you will be opened and the funds counted. The in-house auditing monitors all processes; counting reports document the revenues.

From collection to counting, accounting, transferring, reporting: The entire process until crediting on behalf of DZ BANK is continuously reviewed and monitored according to banking standards.

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