If one thing can be said about our processes,
it's that they are reliably secure.



Our company is certified acc. to DIN ISO 9001:2015


DGR Wirtschaftsprüfung

CLAG Software meets the regulatory law criteria and the statutory requirements.


Warning against fraudulent phone calls and deceptive emails: Currently consumers are being tricked into believing, per phone calls and emails, that they have won a lottery/prize competition or game. In fact, in some of these emails, the imposters misuse or pretend to be CLAG. We have NEVER participated in these games! Do not hesitate to call us in case you receive emails or phone calls pertaining to suspicious prize games in the name of CLAG. Please contact your local Police, should you receive such phone calls.

Information on new Euro notes and coins:

for PC-Users
EURO Notes + EURO Cash Academy.

for Mac-Users
EURO Notes + EURO Cash Academy.


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The relevance and efficiency of cash: In May 2016, the European Payment Council (EPC) adopted its new “Single European Cash Area Framework” document. The objective of this document is to “develop a common set of rules and best practices for the distribution and recirculation of wholesale and retail euro cash in the Eurozone”. ESTA feels compelled to respond to the “new SECA framework”. Please find the complete ESTA response here (PDF).

Cash Logistik Security AG is certified acc. to ISO 9001:2015 for services relating to order and cash management (e.g. cah-in-transit, cash processing, payment transactions) as well as smart safe solutions and technical services for retail customers and financial institutions.