Standards of quality

Quality with system:

We expect to meet the highest standards when it comes to the quality of services and of security. This is achieved by audits run by independent institutions. This core concept has been assimilated by our employees and it is the very basis of our cooperation with the DZ BANK AG. Based on this core idea, we have developed each and every of our products for our customers. In addition to this, unlike traditional cash logistics, our up to date solutions are equipped with additional and unique USPs. The advantages associated with these modern solutions creates maximum satisfaction among our customers.
Professional expertise together with the added security of a bank – our customers value this very highly as they do not look for simple, traditional cash logistics, but rather excellent process solutions.
An uncompromising customer orientation belongs to the Cash Logistik Security AG Quality Policy. This is the reason why CLAG undergoes a careful selection of our employees, a new generation of system solutions (Information Technology) and professional CITs. CLAG also focuses on highly organized processes and an intensive level of IT assistance.

We use and go through operating management tools, for instance, a Balanced Scorecard and an ongoing monitoring of the accuracy, up-to-datedness and sustainability for the operative development of our organization, of our products as well as our QM-System.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
according to ISO 9001:2015 (Burgunderstraße 29, 40549 Düsseldorf), we bear no exclusions and are certified for services in the field of cash management (transport of valuables, value management, cash payment transactions among others) as well as technical and service activities for trade and banks.
We are an active member of the German Institute for internal auditing. Our own internal audit works in compliance with applicable auditing standards.
Our processes and software are assessed by an external auditing company, that, is examined by the German Cooperatives (DGR).
As a member of the BDGW, a regular examination of the processes, in compliance with the guidelines issued by the BDGW, is undertaken.

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Christian Fischer
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ISO Zertifiziert

Cash Logistik Security AG is certified acc. to. 9001:2015 for services relating to order and cash management (e.g. cah-in-transit, cash processing, payment transactions) as well as smart safe solutions and technical services for retail customers and financial institutions.